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using county employees and equipment to run his campaign continues to work at mchenry, the top prosecutor while awaiting trial scheduled for march 21st. >> evicted gov george ryan of and a newly released interview reveals what his life is like behind bars and why he declared a moratorium on the death penalty. he is serving a six and a half year sentence and a federal prison camp in indiana. and lighter moments he joked about prison food and bologna but when asked about the state capital punishment system he called a flawed. he said the pardons handed out were influenced by news coverage of it and make it was freed after being wrongfully convicted he said he turned to his wife and said " how does that happen? how does an innocent man get at the death row for 15 years? " one man asked them are you going to kill my son? ryan had a big impact on my decision. . >> one of chicago's best kept secret until now but it has been solved. the man who tweeting all under the title mayor emanuel has come for it. and assistant professor of journalism at columbia college. he set up the account i
damage power plant could afternoon and steve. >> 9 dina coming our viewers on wgn america and watching us on the web. did the national police agency reports over 5400 rat confirmed dead and more than 2400 listed as injured and more than 9000 people reported missing japan use helicopters fire trucks and water cannons to or water on the no. 3 reactor at the fukushima power plant. efforts will continue throughout the night to keep the reactor and a pool of spent fuel rods from overheating. officials working to resolve cooling problems at four of the six reactors ever since there were damaged by the earthquake. >> based on the operations we believe that it will help to cool down and based on the data we will receive from the government task force will be able to verify whether the mission has been met with success. >> international atomic energy commission says at least 20 people have fallen ill because of possible radiation poisoning in addition to 19 injured and two missing at the fukushima power plant them up boosting american citizens removing them from the aftermath of the tsunami. the s
in court because they know the defense will go after this and try to use it to tear down gayle's credibility. back to you. >> thank you. a federal marshal was critically wounded and a suspect was killed this morning in a shooting in st. louis. the suspect opened fire on two u.s. marshals and a st. louis police marshall when marshals showed up to taken into custody. both marshalls are in the hospital one in critical condition and the other is there. the police officer only had a graze wound. the suspect had a criminal history and it is not clear if he died from a self-inflicted wound or a few shot by police. . >> chicago police officer accused of making a false 911 col. the officer accused of calling east local department and reporting it by a bar while he himself was pulled over for speeding by another officer. the other officer left the scene and realize the call was baked when he arrived at the alleged crime scene. one officer remains an active duty but is under investigation. >> a police officer of allegedly beating a man and take goes to trial today. video shows the officer
april climate for discrimination. >> more than 2 1/2 million muslims in the u.s. the post says it is described as the first congressional hearing on the civil rights of american muslims. . >> a large portion of the cleanup is completed in areas affected by the bp oil spill. removing the " mid to get rid of oil from beaches in alabama. groups continue digging for a surge of oil digging beneath the surface. still some tar balls and the water but the sand is clean. affected by the gulf oil spill say they're not getting financial reimbursement that they deserve. it $20 billion compensation fund was set up for the victims. the man in charge of distributing the money to a simpler job after september 11th petition and says he is low balling their claims and giving them the runaround. . >> one supervisor's waiting in another because the supervisor says they're waiting for a plane to see if my name is on the list. >> this is ridiculous. these town hall meetings were nothing but a pr blitz. . >> one person says the constituents were given empty promises. the main offices more than 3.7 b
afternoon and steve. >> 9 dina welcome our viewers across the country and watching us on the web. official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami now stands at more than 1800 but the number will rise as rescuers reach more hard hit areas. a news agency reports about 2000 bodies were found in just two areas on the northeast coast today. one of those areas about 10,000 people are still missing. the full extent of the disastrous aftermath is not yet clear but it to be the most extensive expensive quicken history. experts say that losses from the quake tsunami in fire wall " that least $100 billion. . >> major complications pleading three reactors at a nuclear power plant and that is raising fears of a meltdown. another reactor lost its cooling capabilities after a blast at the building containing the no. 3 reactor. 200,000 people have been evacuated from that area. power plant workers have been tried to cool down their nuclear reactors would see water experts say that will cause so much damage those reactors can never be used again. . >> each of these reactors have a unique design with it
and for example maintaining 24 hour surveillance of the situation there for us to have some sort of color system. if you start seeing defenseless civilians a piece of civilians being massacred by gaddafi's forces. obviously we're going to have to look at what develops on the ground on a case by case basis and i do not want to generalize right now and say that is what is happening and we're prepared to step in. it will require some a of questions and they're difficult ones. we have sent a clear warning to adopt the government that they will be held accountable particularly when it comes to assaulting civilians. some of the rhetoric that you see for example the idea that they will be going door to door hunting for people were participating in protest. that implied a sort of a lack of restraint and ruthlessness that i think is erases our intent. as i said before we need to continue to monitor the situation and matching attractions with what we think will help pull on the ground and sustain it. we have to do so in consultation with the international community. you agree with your intelligence offici
tune in on wgn america and watching us online. in our top story or a quick answer not because the nuclear crisis in japan by knocking out power to cooling systems at one complex. since then four of the six reactor units have of fires explosions or partial meltdown spring water of the reactor units trying to prevent the fuel from overheating and releasing radiation japan increased in nuclear threat to a level 5 on a scale of 7. the japanese government in acknowledging the quick and tsunami totally overwhelmed it hurting its response to the nuclear crisis that the quicken tsunami taking a major toll on human life. nearly 7000 confirmed dead and about 10,000 still missing. 90,000 to rescue teams looking for survivors and victims and about 500,000 people living in shelters. >> after a week of worry about the stickers on cynthia clemens is breathing a sigh of relief. the chicago man missing in japan was found. edward clemens had been speaking english and teaching in the city of sendai when the earthquake struck. he called his mother this morning to say he was taken out of harm's wa
gunman got away. police used a helicopter to search but he has not been caught. to recover to guns. >> a chicago man charged with shooting and killing a man in the car wash and one person refused to dry his car. prosecutors say the market scored and shot cesar gonzales last summer. several months for authorities to fight court was arrested friday and is held without bond. jegging police told the suspect after a man from the suburbs is probably be in and sodomized. the victim was found on the streets early saturday morning and some of his teeth were knocked out in he was partially impaled by a tree branch. the injuries are not life-threatening one man was paroled last may after his " third prison sentence for armed robbery. . >> construction crews making progress on the modernization progress is compromising safety in the process. found some close calls on runways. julien is live at o'hare with more on the story. the tribune says there have been a number of near misses at o'hare field since 2004. the result of miscommunication confusion or the failure of pilots to reach daily constr
'll shine. pop-tarts. made for fun. the use of a nuclear disaster increase in japan after later reactor reached at a power plant. good afternoon i'm steve. >> i'm dina coming our viewers on wgn america and watching us on the web. latest developments in japan our top story. the interest levels of radiation escaped from the nuclear power plant to date after the third explosion and buyers on saturday. authorities warned people living within 20 mi. to stay indoors and not drinkwater. rhodesian level readings have not decrease at the plant. . >> up we need now for everyone to move out of the 20 km radius from the no. 1 plant. we would like to ask you to remain indoors at home or in your offices. >> as the crisis deepens damage to nuclear plants stocks are plummeting in japan for the second straight day over concerns that the earth quicken tsunami could have a prolonged effect on the nation's economy them out the death toll in japan from the magnitude 9 earthquake in tsunami is soaring. more than 3300 are confirmed dead and 2000 injured more than 6700 are still missing. cold weather i
'm steve. >> i'm tanya and we welcome our viewers watching us on wgn america and on the web. juliasn is live with the latest. >> thank you. detectives say they have a number of surveillance video is that they are reviewing and so far no word on any suspects in custody. all we have the discipline in time is that he is somewhere between the ages of 17 and 30 and he was seen wearing a black jacket with the letters ws on the back. continue searching for witnesses and the suspect those who knew her coming to the scene of the tragedy. the fullerton el station trying to come with terms with a loss that my mother to everyone in my wife were shocked and she treated our kids like their our own. >> she would be very mess. . >> happened monday afternoon at 415 police say a fee to snatch stand iphone and then collided with her on the stairs sending her tumbling down. she was rushed to advocate medical center and died from injuries to her head from the fall. . >> it makes no sense. . >> understandably her family is in shock. . >> unbelievable that someone can do this over a stupid phone. . >> iron
welcome our viewers around the country and wgn america and watching us on the web. japan's prime minister calls the situation grave and serious. officials say a suspected brake in the core and one reactor would be a major setback at this facility. the prime minister expressed sympathy for three workers were taken to hospital after being exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation. . >> in tokyo and osaka and other areas of japan. risking their life to engage in a variety of activities i would like to show my sincere respect and gratitude for their efforts. . >> the military ship is bringing in fresh water to lower temperatures and prevent further emission of radioactive materials. the nation's death toll as of over 10,000 in more than 17,000 people are still missing. this afternoon illinois senators turban and kirk and and safety in illinois. of the working nuclear reactors in six sites more than any other states and it's about half of its electricity from nuclear power. >> of france's to clear the air space under control this afternoon after nato agreed to take command of the no-fly
of the intervention says the u.s. does not know enough about the rebels fighting gaddafi forces. president obama reportedly sent cia operatives into libya to learn more about them. . >> radiation levels near the damaged fukushima plant are now more than 4000 times the legal limit. officials are not sure what is causing despite or how to stop it. meantime the tokyo lecture power co. says the loss to plants means the region will have rolling blackouts during the peak summer demand. about 140 military members from the u.s. medically treating and decontaminated radioactive material will arrive soon to provide help. . >> some of the workers who've been trying to prevent a meltdown now say they expect to die from radiation sickness within weeks or months. restoration workers have been exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation are trying to bring the plant's cooling system is back on-line. the mother of one of the workers says the team has discussed at length and they have committed themselves to die if necessary to save the nation. . >> of penal services for the first woman vice-presidential ca
. >> of u.s. service members were shot and killed and two others wounded in germany this morning. it happened at frankfurt international airport. the 21 year-old man from coastal boat is in custody. the man opened fired on a bus carrying the service members. the victims were under way to either or rock or afghanistan. . >> fundamentalist church members can continue staging and i-gay protests at military funerals. it was voted 8-1 that these protests are protected under the first amendment. military funeral 7 picketed for several years at today's decision upholds the court ruling to route 8 $5 million judgment to the father of the cit. marine bird the father sued the church after they picketed his son's funeral in 2006. >> killing three members of his own family. 35 years after the crime patricia colombo is up for parole again. she and her boyfriend stabbed her 13 year- old brother and shot her parents. they were sentenced to 300 years in prison but up for parole in may. colombo has appeared at least 15 times and has a preliminary hearing tomorrow. two board members have supported
is alive with more on the motion. . >> according to a motion filed in u.s. district court this morning attorneys for blagojevich have not been paid since starting nine months ago and money woes make it impossible for the former governor to have an effective defense. blagojevich has asked the judge to cancel his retrial and sentenced them monday seoul conviction of lying to the fbi for his first trial. it carries a five-year prison sentence is said that blagojevich is not conceding guilt but rather a second prosecution of this case would be irresponsible use of taxpayer funds. the government is supposed to cover the costs of the retrial but federal funds were exhausted last month. the first trial cost nearly $3 million and blagojevich faces 20 charges include one that he tried to sell the senate seat vacated by obama. some of these carry a 20 year prison sentence. joining us is legal analyst terry sullivan. talks about an agreement with the government and is this part of it?. >> i am quite sure from what has happened that in fact the government of will probably serve this some time aft
justifying his own use of force. . >> three people behind bars following a shootout in the city's south side. 4:00 this morning in brocton park. suspect began firing at two officers after pulling up to the squad car an officer shot back in chased the suspect car which then crashed. police trying to determine what sparked the incident. they say the suspect are refuted a gang members balop state capitol building in wisconsin on lockdown as thousands of protesters converged. >> increase over a controversial bill curtailing the bargaining rights of most workers. randy is live downtown with reaction. . >> this move caught many democrats off guard like those here in illinois and wisconsin republicans were able to get around the walkout. pro union demonstrators were continuing their rally at the capitol building in madison after the state senate approved sweeping curves and collective bargaining by public employees. by serving out sections of the building and all the appropriate funds republicans were able to work their way around the road blocked by 14 of their colleagues leaving the state to deny
viewers on wgn america as well as online. judy is comparing prices and joins us now from the lincoln park neighborhood with more on our top story. >> good afternoon. 4.09 the price for regular unleaded at the station. industry experts that prices will continue to climb and tapping into the oil reserves is something our president is seriously considering them up the issue of the reserve is one we are considering and is something that is only in very rare occasions. a bunch of factors have to be looked at. it is not just the price. . >> pump prices went up 33ยข in just two weeks which is the second-biggest spike ever the other one being after hurricane katrina. according to latest surveys the national survey is 3.51 and is about 3.75 in chicago but many local stations are closer to the $4 market not over. the oil reserve as more than 700 million bar. of oil and was created in response to the oil embargo during the 1970's. with the some of the oil after the first gulf war after hearst's king gustav and working katrina. . >> the problem is we need to solve the problem or spending on fossil f
be answered about the long-term use of ibuprofen. about 500 cough and cold medicines or remove from pharmacy shelves. health officials say the prescription jogs had not been evaluated properly for safety and effectiveness. they may be riskier to take them approved over-the-counter drugs that have the same condition. many of these have been on the market illegally for years. you may want to think twice before grabbing the shopping cart. wiped it down or something. a new study find the car handles are covered in fecal matter and e coli. the university of arizona says flu viruses can survive up to three days on a dollar bill and so phones or your doctor's necktie and library books all covered in germs. . >> a shortage of demo what is being done about it. the tribune health reporter bruce joining us. what is going on here?. >> we have flu spiking right now across the country here at the peak of flu season situations in 44 states which where a drug that is why the given once people get the float is any major shortage. we have a big shortage going on in general but in walgreen's the pharmacists ar
are a sex researcher you were used to controversy but professor bailey says he does not enjoy being attacked and he says to the tribune he is not ready to say his regrets about what happened. >> he tells the paper that " if i say i shouldn't have done this it's because this could have been avoided not because someone was harmed " he says he feels a nail through his skin right now. bailey is a popular professor and has taught sexual ellery since 1994. after class on february 21st about 100 students out of the 600 in the class stayed for an optional session and did a sex toy demonstration was performed. bailey says he was surprised and hesitated but he could not come up with a good reason to not allow the demonstration appeared northwestern university art initially stayed by bailey to for the advancement of knowledge but on thursday at the university changed its position as the president stated his position saying the he was troubled and disappointed and said bailey short court judgment and an investigation will be launched. bailey says no students have complained to him. it was said to be app
for tomorrow. and address of an emperor is used for a time of war. he said japan is going through its worst crisis since world war two. for the latest stay with wgn or logo find marni yang guilty in the murder of rohni writer. she sat stonefaced as the jury handed down the verdict. charges a possible mandatory life sentence in prison. the family said the justice has been served. she will be sentenced april 29th.6 3 former police commander reports to prison this week. he will serve four and a half years for lying about suspects tortured under his watch. his lawyers are worried about his health. his 63 years old and has prostate cancer. >> a fire broke out in a victorian house. it happened6 ct started on the second floor but no one was inside. it was under construction to open as a museum later this year. they put the6 damage is estimated $800,000. no one was injured. >> new details in the death of a notre dame students. he died last fall while filming the football team practice. he was on a lift and a powerful gust of wind blew it over. they found the football team was worried about the wind
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